How big are the drawings?

The drawing paper size is 14.7cm x 14.7cm. Why this random size, you ask? It is an A5, squared. 😊

The drawing size is around 6cm in length, give or take, depending on the picture.

Can I have more than one pet per drawing?

Yes, at an additional cost (see the Book page for options) Just keep in mind the paper size will stay the same, so each pet will be smallish.

Why is my drawing taking so long? 😞

Each drawing is painstakingly created with many layers of colour pencil, in tiny strokes. Each portrait takes about 5-10 hours and since I have limited time for drawing (and life happens 😉) I can’t say specific delivery dates in advance. It will be worth the wait, I promise!

Photo guidelines

The best photos for pet portraits are:

  • well-lit
  • high quality
  • complete view of either: pet’s head OR whole body (no cut off limbs, please 😱)

Examples of good pictures: